Imagination is the foundation of all creativity. Without it we could never hope to bring to life those images we see in our heads.


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Realistic Expectations

Each week you submit your work to the hundreds of photography pages you find on Facebook hoping to get your image featured. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. Here are a few tips on getting featured. I’ll start you off on the positive note before I destroy your innocent daydreams ;P

1. Make sure your image fits the theme. Some pages are VERY specific about that and won’t even give a second look at an image that doesn’t fit their theme. 

2. Make sure it fits the pages’ genre. I have a page called “Stand Alone Magazine” and there are many amazing submissions. What I am looking for is more conceptual artistic pieces. Outside the box type stuff. A new look on everyday things. So I may not pick many images each week if they do not fit what I am looking for. If you notice a page only features bright airy happy photos, don’t go posting your angry moody black and white there. 

3. KEEP POSTING! Check out the “Maven Flier” each week over at the Snap Maven blog. Submit to as many pages as you can. 


Now to destroy your innocent daydreams. Some pages are biased. Yes. When all it takes is a few messages to the admins to get you featured, then its not REAL. It’s like paying the teacher for your A. That never feels good deep down in an artist’s heart. My advice is this:

1. Check WHO they feature each week. If its the same people over and over…. maybe try another page. 

2. Check the work featured. If you look at it and you think OMFG were they smoking crack!!! Then they probably are just a group of people who thought running a photo page would be fun and have no actual clue what they are doing. There are many of these pages. I advise looking for pages run by people who have experience and know how. 

   Think of it this way, you wouldn’t go to a dentist for heart surgery now would you? Why would you accept the opinion of a “photographer” who has no real appreciation for the craft?


HAVE FUN! Its great being featured. Frankly though, it wont pay your bills. Your clients probably don’t care BUT here are some amazing benefits:

Recognition: you can become a household name and establish yourself in the community which always leads to bill paying :)

Opportunities: Blogs and magazine writers will see you!!! Its a great chance to be published!!!

It Just Feels Good: It’s nice to know that people REALLY like your work. 

Remember 500 REAL fans is better than 10,000 that you had to buy or trick into “liking” you because those 10k will never look at your page again. ;)

Tip: If you are constantly seeing shit in your feed thats pissing you off i.e. a page that features nothing but “friend” photos. UNLIKE the page and UNFOLLOW. What you don’t see feels so much better than getting your panties in a bunch when you log in each day :D




An adventure…

Some lovely ladies asked that I work with them on creating images inspired by a theme. All of us create our own versions of the theme independent from one another and wait for the results. I must say this has been an amazing experience for me as it really shows how creative each of our minds truly are.

Please check them out:

Miranda with Pixel Perfect Memory  Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pixelperfectmemory   Website:http://www.pixelperfectmemory.com


Stephanie with Stephanie Petra Photography   Facebook: Stephanie Petra Photography    Website: http://www.stephaniepetra.com/blog/

MR1wm MR2wm MR3wm MR4wm MR5wm MR6wm MR7wm MR8wm MR9wm


I think that more than anything, what drives my mind is the constant swarm of thoughts. While the majority of the issue is probably my extreme aversion for being like everyone else, it is also from a life long battle with feeling like I was different. Part of me wanted to fit in, but there was and still is that little fire that burns inside that told me no. It may have been from growing up watching all of my friends with their normal lives, or what I perceived as normal, while mine was anything but. Perhaps my aversion developed as my mind’s way of saying F*ck it….

I have this grossly fairytale mindset of what life is suppose to be like. You grow up… you get married, you have kids. Mom is in the kitchen baking cookies… the kids are watching the black and white TV while dad sits on the couch reading the newspaper. That is what I try to provide for my own kids. Normalcy. While we have had a lot of set backs in our tiny little family and life events have kicked us in the teeth numerous times, if anything, we have always provided a united front for our kids. Our kids know the life isn’t fair, that at times it even sucks. It sucks so bad sometimes that you just want to throw in the towel. Give up. Cease to exist. But, we always dust ourselves off, get up and move forward. Our kids have watched us fall, then get back up again. Through it all though, they have also had what I would call “normal.” There is no abuse in our home, no lack of love or support. While we may not be able to provide them with the latest and greatest, it makes me feel good to hear them complain about something as dull as a cell phone. Or ask why all their friends have the latest game console and they don’t. Why? Because they aren’t afraid to come home. They aren’t afraid of either of their parents. They don’t lock themselves in their bedrooms at night and cry themselves to sleep asking why this was happening to them. Their ambitions aren’t hindered. Their social and spiritual growth has not been tampered with. They are everything I couldn’t be and that makes me happy. Happier than one could ever explain.

My latest set of images are almost a release of emotion from myself. My kids are happy to pose for the images and often just say “oh cool” and head back to their video games or tv shows. That sloughing off of mom’s “art” feels good to me. It tells me they don’t know, they don’t get it and I am happy to say I hope they never do. It means I’m doing a damn good job and they will succeed where I failed. If there is anything I can leave behind its the knowledge that I did it. I stopped the freight train.


IMG_0821-Exposure IMG_0818-Exposure2 IMG_0805-Exposure4 IMG_0771-Exposure2 cloudtwirl-Exposure4



It all started with a chair…

I’m sure I’ll have more to add to this later. I had intended to use this chair for a selfie based upon my idea of what insanity must feel like. The quintessential crazy lady tied to the chair. I found an old handmade purple dress at my local salvation army for $2 and shockingly it fit! Well, you won’t see those pics. lol I’ve noticed its hard to get a good picture of myself. I now understand why so many models are super thin! When you’re curvy, your curves tend to multiply on film. I know this may sound like some sort of excuse, but it really isn’t. I am perfectly fine with my lady bits. If you think about it, your protruding parts are closer to the camera so therefore they look bigger. I happen to be very curvy and my parts were PROTRUDING. Not something I wanted published on FB. This isn’t some sort of self confidence post so let’s move on…

I decided to grab my daughter who was Thrilled to put on the flowing purple dress and sit in momma’s new chair. Yes, I have a bit of a chair fetish. I can’t help it. They are so beautiful!!! One of my favorite finds being one made from reclaimed boat wood. Another is a late 1800’s rocking chair I found at a steal that sits in my bedroom to be looked at…not sat in. This one is a victorian age chair whose companion is sitting at the antique store calling my name, but it will have to wait. My daughter fit into it far better than me. I guess people really were smaller back then.

So… after downloading an old NIN album that I used to listen to during my dark eyeliner days… I came up with these. I do hope you enjoy <3



Beneath the stains of time…..



“The Rainmaker”



Getting it right in camera…what is that anyway?

I’m a post it then forget it type of girl. I’ll sometimes post images on the photo pages, but really after I post I’m usually done and over it. I’ll sometimes look back and see how far I’ve come but really, what I’m doing now, in this moment, is what usually has my attention. Even with that said, I still know where my weaknesses are and I try to push myself harder and harder each time I shoot. One of those areas is getting it right the first time around…

Get the image right IN camera.

I always thought that meant nailing each and every detail perfectly. Now I’m not so sure. I no longer linger over images that are not perfectly in focus, nor do I fret over blown highlights or something that is underexposed. I do shoot in RAW all the time so that helps if I do need to tweak anything. However, I am no longer wasting my precious time worrying about the little stuff. I had somewhat of an epiphany during my latest shoot. I really just wanted to get out and shoot some pics of kids other than mine. I planned on shooting in the rain but the weather…actually cooperated to my distain lol While I was shooting, I noticed that I was thinking about each shot before I clicked it. I framed them as I would have wanted them in the end and watched my backgrounds. I made sure I was exposing to my liking and found something strange happening. I was doing it without really thinking.

I get it now.

Getting it right IN camera doesn’t have to mean perfect shots. It can mean perfect for YOU. You know what you want, so why not go shoot it. After time you begin to do it without thinking, it becomes second nature.

Here are a few of the images I took. All of these were only tweaked in ACR and converted to black and white using my own ACR preset.

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